Sciüch means stump in the old dialect from Piemonte (North West Italian region). Schiüch is also the name of the farmstead owned by my grandmother where I spent my childhood and early teen years. This piece is dedicated to my time there during which I witnessed the old traditions, the elders at work and the strong connection with the people and the earth.
Choreography: Giorgia Bovo
Music: Francesco Beccaro
Dancers: Jane Cracovaner, Kyla Ernst -Alper, Giorgia Bovo
Live Music: Francesco Beccaro
Video Recording: Charles Dennis Productions
Performed at and commissioned by: Periapsis Open Series, April 2017
Video courtesy: Periapsis Music and Dance
part 1: ël camp (the field)
part 2: la sirimonia (the ceremony)
part 3: ij bestie (the animals)